I am sort of wallowing in the quagmire of what-to-wear to my 50th high school reunion in August. Let me set the stage: only 7 in my class, extremely conservative school, very little contact since we graduated. The event is a luncheon on the campus of the school.

Modesty was a hallmark of our dress code and I would like to wear something that will fit in but not betray my personal style. I am leaning toward a 3/4 sleeve summer blouse with a small colorful pattern and white slacks. I know this probably sounds underdressed for a reunion, but I can envision some people showing up in shorts or levis--yes, even for an indoor luncheon. I thought about a summer dress but honestly, I think I might feel more comfortable in pants--though we were NOT permitted to wear them at school.

Any thoughts, oh ye wise YLF members?