Angie, I found YLF this past summer, and have learned so much, it's almost overwhelming, and still slowly digesting everything as how to move forward with my style.

This past fall, I discovered the LOFT, having never shopped there before, and bought a number of things there. I realized that the quality was not what I've been used to purchasing, but it appealed to me since my lifestyle is extremely casual. I think it didn't bother me to wear lower quality, because in the past, I would buy more expensive clothing, and then keep it forever, because it's harder to get rid of it when it's pricey. Then, I would get tired of it, and sometimes it's not even current style.

So, I was disappointed to see your comment this morning that the LOFT was the most disappointing store for quality. I can't win for losing.

Do these stores change quality levels from year to year, such as JCrew, Ann Taylor, the LOFT, Banana Republic?