Hi, I just purchased a pair of black and white plaid theory cigarette pants. They have a subtle plaid pattern, so they look like a medium grey from a distance, have creases, and two simple slit pockets on the side. They are 90% wool, 9% nylon, and 1% elastane. I am petite, thin, and full-busted and am looking for a simple shirt or sweater to wear in late summer to work. I can't seem to find what I need. Anything reasonably priced is polyester, and many shirts seem to have pockets or frills. I prefer to dress minimally. I had thought I'd like just a wool short sleeve v-neck or scoop-neck sweater, or a three-quarter sleeve slim cotton button down. But I can't seem to find anything appropriate. A brooks brothers full-sleeve cotton down is a bit stiff on my curvier figure. Do you have any suggestions of appropriate materials or brands?