Ever since I was little, I've always been a quite skinny yet tall build. I know some see it as "desirable," but now that I've gotten older it has been much harder to find jeans that fit. Tops fit just fine, but jeans in particular have been significantly difficult to find.
 The other day I went to Old Navy and Target, fully expecting lots of jeans. I tried both size 0 and 00 at both stores, but no luck. I also tried looking in the kids section. Size 12 (kids) was too big but the perfect length, and size 10 (also kids) fit but was too short. It was extremely frustrating. I do not want to look into tailoring as I can't afford it.

For reference, I am 5'2 and about 85-90 lbs. Here are my measurements:
Waist: 23 in
Hip: 31.5 in
Inseam: 31 in

Waist: 60 cm
Hip: 82 cm
Inseam: 78 cm

 If anybody has any store recommendations for my size and that have "trendy" styles, please let a girl know because I really need some help!