I hope my skirt looks like that on me wow. I love the way you have it styled and the boots are killer.

Interesting. I seem to be the only one with reservations about the boots.

The height doesn't bother me, provided they aren't rubbing annoyingly when you sit or interfere/catch on the seat cushion when driving a car (my ultimate boot litmus test - I have had La Canadienne boots that nearly caused me to get into a car accident!). The calf width is just a tiny bit loose but looks just fine, especially if you plan to tuck jeans into them. The only issue I have is the ankle. The ankle looks too loose to me, but you tell me -- it is possible that it is just the photo and in reality it fits you just right?

As for the VC skirt, I just ordered that leopard print one myself, as a duplicate to the retro stripe (SP) one I've been wearing to death this summer. Should arrive today. I ordered the SP and I'm crossing fingers that was the right size.
Because a few weeks back I ordered the ponte knit version of the VC tube midi, thinking it would be nice/heavier weight for fall. I ordered the SP, and it fit ginormously on me -- totally different fit, major disappointment. I kept looking at the label, it says SP but maybe it is mislabeled? When I hold it up to the retro stripe version, it's bigger all over - wider & longer, everywhere. I was not even sure it was really a petite.

My thoughts are keep the skirt, for sure. It's smashing on you and will probably be very versatile for you heading into fall/winter.

The boots are also nice and I think they would work especially really well with pants. I can see what you're saying about the small gap...I'm not sure if it's that noticeable. So I would say, if you only plan to wear the boots with skirts, then maybe (only a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy maybe) they are a bit too wide. But they look GREAT, regardless.

ETA: I just noticed Angie said the boots are perfect! So, don't listen to anything I said about them! She's right!


You look fantastic in both pieces!

What is the make and model of the sandals you are wearing with the leopard skirt?

Whoa! I'm impressed with the way you styled the skirt. Right on the money.

AJ, the sandals I'm wearing are Sam Edelmans, Suttons I think. I've tossed the box but saw them at the Rack last fall and they are my answer to the higher heeled Okalas. I've been very pleased with them.
Shiny and Niki, I know what you mean about the ankle area and the gap at the top of the boots. A big part of my problem with finding boots that fit well is that, although my calves and ankles are narrow,my feet are rather big in proportion (size 8). My shopping would be so much easier if my feet were size 6! I'll look at them again but I don't think I can do better considering all the boots I've tried. I'm open to suggestions. Shiny, it sounds like these boots should be put to a driving test to see if they are too tall.
Shiny, I think the leopard version of the VC skirt may run a bit smaller than some of the others. I have a VC black lace tube skirt in an XS that feels bigger than the S leopard.
Rachylou,I got the styling idea from the way that Angie styled her client Karen, at least the way I remember it.
Thank you all for your help with this. I depend on you all to keep me focused and real.

I'm glad it looks like you're leaning toward keeping both. That skirt is exceptional on you (no doubt you'll come up with many beautiful stylings) and I love the boots.

Joy, I got the leopard skirt in the mail yesterday. I'd ordered two sizes to compare, XSP and SP. I also ordered the black ruched VC tube skirt in SP. The ruched version is a keeper, fit is perfect. The leopard is going back...

The XSP was way too tight. The SP fits well in the width (not too clingy) but fits oddly in the length. It's a *lot* longer than the retro stripe version I already own -- hits at an unflattering length on my calf. I rolled the band up three times to get the length right (debating about just chopping it off to the length I want), and noticed that greatly improved the fit in the hips and rear.... so if I was to alter it, I'd need to take it up at the waistband not the hem.

After all that futzing over the fit, I then attempted to style it various ways and it is just not working for me. It looks *amazing* on you. I'm not sure what is "off" about it for me. I think the pattern scale doesn't work for someone only 5'0 tall. Or maybe the color isn't quite right for my skin tone. Not sure.

Really love the ruched version and wore it out last night!

Long story short, I've now tried 5 different VC midi tube skirts -- four in SP and one in XSP; two patterned, one ruched, and one ponte knit -- and all of them are cut totally differently. If I hold them up together you can plainly see just how different each one is. So word to the wise: you can't assume the VC midi skirts are all cut the same and will fit the same. I find the inconsistency quite frustrating. But I suppose it is a fact of life for modern mass manufacturing.