Ugh, I don't know what's happening to my poor big toe (doc appt in November, but for now it doesn't appear to be gout or bunion, from appearance at least).

I have been phasing out my wood-bottomed clogs, because they bother my big toe when I wear them. Now the pain is creeping in with sneakers, which have always been my safe go-to! A walk in my Vans high-tops today made me feel like they should be given away as well. (I even have orthotics in them! Doing all the right things!)

So, Angie, I know you're always on the lookout and I seem to have really graduated to become one of those with "fussy feet"! I love an old-school style but I am open if I can find a pair of cool high tops that have more than just a flat rubber sole to cushion! Any tried-and-true brands and models?