Today's post inspired me to reach out for help. I need help in focusing my efforts in deciding on and hopefully finding a coat for myself. Here is my struggle .....

I live in So. Cal and have not purchased a "real coat" (i.e. wool/work appropriate) in over 10 years. My last purchase was a black tailored wool coat with belt and fur on the collar and sleeves. I loved this coat and wore it to death. I really, really need a replacement and really don't want boring black or neutral.

I love modern classic/tailored shapes. I have always toyed with the idea of a trench but have never owned one. I am now committed to purchasing a coat if I can find "the one". the leopard coat in today's post tugged at my heartstrings because I love, love animal prints and now I am confused as to what kind of coat to look for.

I had in my mind that I wanted to find a tomato red or pink coat (2 of my happy colors) I was leaning towards a pop of color that works well with my wardrobe. A camel trench was going to be my "back up" if I could not find the other two colors. However, leopard/animal print would also work and add "pizzazz" to my wardrobe.

I need Help!!
I am looking for a beautiful, work appropriate (but can also be used on weekend "dates" or other occasions) coat. A heavy wool coat is not really necessary for my climate, but I like them.

Any thoughts suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I own many "casual" cotton coats that I use mostly for weekend evenings. they are all hip length or shorter so I want/need a longer style coat. thanks for reading this long post!