Hi Angie!

I adore fashion and stylish outfits a lot, but I would like some advice on summer style.
First, I am only 4 ft 11. I am horrendously short and my legs look stumpy no matter how much I work out or eat healthy. I hate the sight of them. Because of this, I can't wear many types of clothing as I look terrible in everything, which makes me so unhappy with myself and so self-conscious.
Second, I am going to New York in July and I am aware that it will be very hot. Unfortunately, I can't go bare-legged and obviously jeans would be a terrible choice in such humidity. I'm guessing tights paired with dresses and skirts would be an awful choice too?
Third, what footwear would be appropriate? I only wear ankle boots in the winter and high heels in the summer but I don't think it will be suitable for a holiday which would involve walking. Flats are out as I am short too.

What would you wear in summer if you couldn't show your legs, you looked bad in almost every item of clothing and you were already so under-confident?

Please do help me with my problem, if you can! Nobody in real life understands my problem, which makes me more stressed out! I appreciate any help whatsoever!