Skylurker, I'm a new person here; so I feel a bit hesitant about giving opinion, but I'd just like to say that to my eye, it is a very classy color combination, the one on the photo you posted.

Olen : thank you and welcome, you've come to a happy and friendly place.

Rachylou and Chris : thank you, I'm blushing (come on, I had to do that one

Angie : you don't want me near Sam anyway, he might get kidnapped somehow, such a tiny thing, you must loose sight of him all the time no?
Thanks for the compliments and yes, I finally figured how to take a pic of myself.

Aliona : thank you for your kind words, I'm astonished I could inspire you.
No, collared shirts are not boring, unless you think classic is boring.
I still enjoy wearing mine, mostly under blazers (or on their own in Summer).
I happen to share my office with men that often wear jeans+shirt+sweater looks, so I think I instinctively differentiate myself from them by wearing my shirts collarless&silk (or graphic patterned) under sweaters.

Thank you all for your help, I started the thread thinking blush jeans would be orphans, now I think they're the most versatile thing in the sartorial world.
I will take pics when I've bought them, in the hope of amusing you and making me accountable to capsule homework.

Sam wants to meet his Aunt Isabelle. He's tiny but has a HUGE personality. It's impossible to lose him. And does this mean we'll see more pics of you in future? Hope so!

That's the plan, showing pics of the blush capsule.
First I have to see if jeans are still in stock this weekend and buy them...

Happy to have you with us in the blush fan camp! (-: