Most of my denim right now is about 1/2-size too snug -- I can still wear but with some strain, which is really not fun. Here's what I have right now that is working:

I have one pair of "daily" jeans that fits me really comfortably (dark rinse Madewell straights that I hacked to the ankle). I can wear my favorite AG stilts but they feel small (am wearing them now). I do have my Gap BF jeans but they are still quite oversized and quite distressed; I wear them pretty much only at home. And my birthday "sailor" wide leg jeans fit but aren't a daily item for me. Most others are in a holding pattern, or I wear and grudgingly accept the tightness.

What brand/shape would you suggest that I consider? Keep in mind I wear jeans almost every day, and although I would love to start wearing dresses, winter is still very much here: 16 inches of snow are due on Tuesday.

Should I get a pair of favorite AG stilts a size up? Or should I get something trendier/different? I don't have released hem and am not dying for a pair but am open to them. (I don't have denim culottes but I have have two pairs in other casual fabrications, so I don't think I really need/want them.)

ETA: Thoughts about Gap GF jeans? They look interesting, and they are inexpensive.

Would love advice.