I love blazers with jeans. I don't have a winter blazer in my wardrobe right now but if I were to buy one I would go with a Smythe or Veronica Beard. Kate Middleton wears Smythe Blazers with jeans.

So fun, I'm with lisap here, this is the only way I wear my blazers- and I don't exactly know what the secret is, JDMOT useeng a tee or a casual blouse-patterned cigarette pants or ankle showing white jeans(don't wear blue) and mostly tube or denim skirts to my blazers). And, perhaps you can use a not so dressy and structured blazer-rather a sportier/jersey one?

I've worn my lace blazer, and in the past, velvet blazers with dark wash jeans, blouse, and heels-so all dressy but the jeans.

Another who loves tees under a blazer with jeans. It might be that you are wearing a top under the blazer that does not feel comfortable. The something sleeveless. If blazers seem too expensive and precious, look at thrift shops. If a blazer seems too dressy or heavy, try a chore jacket or a k it or fabric moto jacket. Right now one of my favorite looks is a leather blazer over a graphic or striped tee.