Hi! I'm new here, been lurking for a few months and have gotten all kinds of wonderful tips. Please help me escape the Goretex shell prison I live in during the 9-month Seattle rainy season. I've realized I need a trenchcoat but always thought the style was hideously unflattering on me. Basically, the ones I've tried on make me look like an overstuffed sofa cushion with a sash tied around the middle. I am 5'4", fairly slender but with a (very) big bust, a short thick waist (seriously, my natural waist is like an inch underneath my bustline), and long legs. An athletic apple, or maybe a rectangle with boobs? Anyway, I look silly with any embellishment on top, so the traditional double-breasted style with epaulets and lots of buttons is out. What cut of trenchcoat would flatter me and make it look as if I have a waist?

Other details: I have 2 little kids and a dog so need a hood. Also, I spend a lot of time outside, so it needs to actually repel the rain. I would describe my style as simple and classic with a slight (slighter as I get older!) rocker/bohemian edge.

Thank you so much!