Colette, we have different bodies. Even when we have the same body type our particular bodies are different so no wonder we get different fit in the same jeans.
For BR crops - try Resin wash because Medium does run at least 1.5 sizes smaller. Here we go - the same company, the same cut of jeans and such difference in fit in a different wash!:-(

BR cropped jeans on sale 40% off sale ends today!!

I was checking out the girlfriends online and thought they really didn't look like a looser bf fit at all. My order arrived but I'm a bit afraid to even try on the white denim! I knew size 12 in the kick flares was taking a chance but they already look too long anyway so I can't size up. I may have to give up on this style pretty quick since you can't really hem or roll them and preserve the flare.

Jules, Gap GF fit is not tight in the hips / thighs but definitely skinny on the calves. If your calves are not too big give them a try. I have tried size 10 and hip / thigh fit was fine but too snug for my 15.5" calves.

Struck out at Gap today. White kick crops and white G/F 30's fit waist, but uncomfortably snug on my 22 inch thighs. If I sized up, the waist/hips would be too loose. I'm going to check Mark's Work Warehouse. The Hanna Fit works for me, and they do 99% cotton, 1% Lycra denim that is quite thick ( no show through.)

Just popping in to say hi -- now I will have to order a pair of those, of course.

I will probably need petite, alas. The fit in the rise won't be as good but I won't have to hem them. I'll experiment.

I am sure they will look brilliant on you, Sveta!

Carla, thanks for the confirmation it was not only me!
Suz, for some reason I thought you alredy have these BR kick flares? Actually this is why I decided to order them

Sveta, I tried some on quickly and was interested but they only had the regular in store, and they seemed to be too long for the purpose of the style. I am not a petite at all in pants, but if going for the well-above ankle look, I would have to try those. Then I worry for sure that they will be too short in stride, because they are already sort of low-rise.
But the fit through the hip and thigh seems rather good considering I usually need curvy styles.

Sveta, I always pay attention to what works for you! Besides admiring your style sense, we have enough physical similarities that what works for you, might work for new!

FWIW, waist 30 in., hips 38 in, thigh 22 in, calves 15 in. - inseam 36 in.

Just got my pair, Sveta! I reserved them in the store, so I could get the 40 percent off that is only online at the moment. I did not size down (I couldn't actually), but I found the waist quite generous, along with the calves. The bu-thigh area was what I would call TTS. Of course, I take a curvy fit whenever I can get it!

Hope to see yours soon!

Beth Ann, I am thrilled for you!
CArla, give them a try if you have not done so yet, I am sure you will love them. They are so much better that GAP flares! The best feeling I had when I put them on that they are fitted on the thighs without being tight at all. It is a magical feeling to those of us with "generous thigh estate"