Dianna, I live in Western Australia, and we have a long hot summer (only 3.5 months, rather than your 5). I am fortunate to work in air conditioning that is set so my male colleagues can wear business suits and ties comfortably. Therefore, whilst it can be 40C outside, it will be 22C inside. I wear layers and love cotton / natural fabrics. I have a number of sheath dresses and skirts that just skim my body and are not fitted and then I pop a jacket over the top. My cape jacket is the coolest to wear because the open sleeve keeps the sun off my arms but it is open. I tend to keep my legs bare and wear dressy sandals to work. Wearing light colours seems to help me feel cooler too. A selection of what I wear is below. I wear the lace skirt with a cotton blush singlet top and white jacket and a long strand of pearls.

That's a really long summer...I can only imagine....

No wonder it's tough and gets boring sometimes.

I like the idea of a gilet (very lightweight) for work...I wonder if it is possible to find such a thing....

Our winter is equally long but slightly more variable. Though when you get below zero it doesn't much matter how much below...you need to be fully covered anyway. And you need to wear footwear that can handle slush, salt, snow, dirt. (Boring black footwear, in other words...sigh...)

Zaeobi, I am lucky enough that for my workplace almost anything goes. I can wear sandals, but I limit their use during daytime to April-May and September-October, when it is not as hot, in order to prevent my feet from sunburn (I wear sunblock daily, even on my feet). I think my feet and my arms are the most sensitive, since I can't tolerate heat nor cold well. On the other hand, my legs can tolerate cold and or heat better. I can wear skirts with bare legs as well as the heaviest denim pants both under the sun and/or freezing A/C, as long as they don't touch my skin too much (no skinnies for me during summer, at all, though I can wear leggings if they are lightweight). As for fibers, I understand what you say about cotton and linen getting wrinkled, that's why I try to use blends for the most part (containing both natural and synthetic fibers).

I will be traveling back home today, so I will not have time for a detailed answer, but I will do so in the evening or tomorrow morning.

@Dianna Ah I see, I guess I'm lucky that I tan easier than I burn (only been burnt once in my life, & that was after 5+ hours of sunbathing lol!) I wonder if clear or transparent footwear could keep you covered whilst not getting you burnt?

Lol I feel you on the skinnies - I only own one pair of dark wash, stretchy, skinny jeans that I wore today because it was finally cold enough to be in thick denim. In the summer, I just want to be in loose & airy natural materials, without having to fuss with buttons & zippers & thick seams. I don't know how people can wear jeans casually for lounging around - my body is too soft for that! Lol maybe that is why the only other 'jeans' I have are actually bootcut trousers in a denim appearing material (but not actually denim). Give me stretchy leggings over jeans any day of the week!

Ok, I am finally able to answer. I am finally home, but I arrived with the flu. I am feeling a bit better now.

Bijou, those are really good ideas, that cape jacket is gorgeous, and it looks like it is a very practical and versatile piece. I would like to find a similar one, although I think a longer length would work better on me.

Suz, I always say I like cold weather, but there is cold, and there is cold like Canada. I guess what I really mean is that I like cool or coldish weather. Those -40 Celsius temperatures are beyond my imagination. When I lived in Chihuahua, there were days when we got subzero temperatures during Winter but nothing close to -40. Probably -10 at most. One Winter a few years ago we were at -19 for a couple of days, and there was chaos. Water lines broke, bottled water shortage, no electricity in certain parts of the city, etc... So, I cannot imagine your harsh and long winters, and still you always look so stylish.

Zaeobi, it's a blessing that your skin does not get burnt easily, specially when you live in a climate with very hot summers. I thought I was the only one who could not do skinnies on summer, since here many women wear them year round.

Wow your summer is intense! No wonder it's difficult to dress for. Just one suggestion; have you considered a short sleeved chambray shirt tucked into a cotton print skirt? When I say chambray though I mean the thin floppy/modal type of chambray. Can be dressed up with jewelry and shoes. That particular combo has been a go-to for me this summer.

Dianna, perhaps you, too, will find additional inspiration in Brooklyn's recent post: https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....er-30x30-2
I know I will.

I live in the desert where we have 5+ months of 107F days. I like to wear flowy tops for moderately dressy occasions. These three get a lot of wear.

Jussie, thanks for the suggestion. I love wearing dresses and skirts in summer. Currently, I have only two summer skirts that fit, but it seems that there will be several options available this retail season, so I will keep my eyes open.

The Cat, I have already bookmarked both of Brooklyn's posts. I will even look into the archives of her WIWs from past summers, since she has fantastic summer style. I will also check past summer WIWs from Bijou for inspiration.

Bonnie, I see you live in Arizona, so, yes, we have similar temperatures in the summer. Those tops are really nice, I specially like the last two. May I ask what kind of bottoms you wear with these tops?

Welcome to the YLF Dianna:-) and Wow, your climate sounds really challenging for your work requirements. I personally don't have experience in those at all but think a couple of loose shirt dresses can also work. Fine cotton canvas, uni or block printed/colored are always dressier & a stylish hat!:-) Add some bling to the feet (I personally adore gems or metallic bling on sandals) and keep some statement jewelery at your desk (think it can be heavy to wear outside in the heat) and you'll always look fab!