So I'm thinking I want to add a one more long cardigan this winter - I have a gray short sleeve one and would like to add a long sleeve one.

I had the gray one for years and couldn't figure out how to wear it until YLF and it quickly became my summer favorite. So now I want a late winter/spring refresh.

What I have found and learned by posting pictures is that in general I get some of my best feedback when I wear a long dramatic type topper. With my height and curviness they work for me instead of being overwhelming.

I'm attaching four potential ideas - They would need to work with skinnies or pencil skirts.

This is all part of coming to accept a moto just doesn't look good on me (after trying on more than I can count this winter in every price range) but a dramatic long sweater does. So Why not rock the dramatic long sweater.

I do realize that number 1 is a cape but I think it has potential.

All thoughts on which would work best for me would be much appreciated.