I am more of a bag person than a shoe person. But the shoes below made my heart sing. In my mind they would be perfect for my climate. They would also add substantial interest in any ensemble.

They arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous. Based on my inexperienced eye, they seem to be very good quality. Great shoe bed for walking.

The black is textile. They do not come in "wide" width and when I slip them on, my small toe is tightly compressed against the black textile. I thought that perhaps because they were textile, that tightness would not matter ......

But I don't want or need "sitting shoes." I guess I am talking myself out of them as I write this post. I need real shoes that are both interesting and comfortable to walk in.

I do want to endorse these shoes for anyone with a medium width foot. They are gorgeous and fun. This is a new-to-me brand. Should I ever find this brand in wide width I will certainly give them another try.