I'd love a casual , boho-ish maxi summer dress but I don't know what to look for in terms of flattery . Can we discuss some general "rules" or ideas for what works on certain body types? For example, I tried on a long bias cut tie-dye viscose blend tank-style maxi last week and although it was beautiful from the front, the side view was horrific. The dress just hung out from my chest and made me look shorter and frumpier than ever.

For reference: I'm 5'5", with a short waist, bigger breasts than I want that sit low on my torso (and yes I have tried every bra there is) and am not terribly slim . Curvy and with a belly. What can I look for that will : 1. be age-appropriate and not too girlish , and 2. look flowy without making me look matronly, and 3. be breezy and cool in hot Manitoba summers?

I can manage well for work dresses by wearing a shirt dress, a shift, or even a t-shirt dress if I'm at my lower weight range . Help me with a fun, casual dress please !