As you know, I adore the long black jacket with the zipper details that I bought at BCBG in Boston during the big meetup earlier this year. It has proven to be a workhorse -- it elevates nearly everything I try it on with. I feel like a bit of a badass when I wear it. It was the magical black jacket I had been looking for!

Well, it has come to my attention that the same jacket is available in white. I've been embracing white more in my warm-weather wardrobe, and last year the addition of my white leather moto helped lighten my cooler-weather options as well, becoming quite a workhorse.

Would it be overkill to duplicate this killer jacket in white? Does it lose any of its appeal in white? I know it would be harder to keep clean... I'd welcome thoughts on this. It's just something I started to consider when I realized how useful the black jacket has been for me, and how unusual the length and style is -- I am just not seeing these longer, structured styles around much at all.