It’s been a couple of years since I helped my artist husband put on a painting workshop, and the last few were in our Taos home during the pandemic. That was quite the challenge, as it included lunch and meant a major reshuffle and clean of the house to accommodate students. Bonus difficulty was living off grid and way off pavement.
Mr Green is winding things down and this may be the last workshop he is physically able to do, and it is a four hour drive from our present home, in a couple of weeks.
We are leaving the dogs behind and in good hands, and I am going with him for the four days. It will involve the usual lugging and moving things, troubleshooting, selling paintings, taking photos, and just keeping the artist alive.
This is hard to dress for. Some latitude for being artsy, but striking the right note between dressing for hard work and being presentable enough to act as a salesperson for rather lovely art is probably familiar to other people on the forum.
Just writing this is helping…
Lastly, I can see a hospital visit if Mr Green’s health takes a turn.
What do you think? Utilitarian background support or just screw it and water all the good stuff?