My initial reaction to the blog post was that "dressy" just isn't my lifestyle, but just realized I actually did this exact thing already this year - and "dressier" is accessible to all, as well as a goal of mine.

Last month I spotted and tried to ignore the Aritzia Daydreamer mini in a perfect pattern/colourway for me (no longer available but a combo of brown and puce tones) while out shopping with a friend, because I felt I didn't need it. However when the friend spontaneously brought it over to me with the same gut reaction that it was very "me", I had to accept it deserved a try-on... and then I of course fell in love. The fit, in a medium, was good. I would say it's quite a generous medium, especially for their sizing, as I'm a definite L or XL in most brands currently. I knew I would wear it over pants, so the length is not an issue, but there is a midi version as well. And I love the fact it is covered at the chest and long sleeved.

I later picked up the Gap velvet pants in brown, and have already worn the outfit to a dinner party this year. I thought I would share the dress since it is covered up, comfortable and dressier, with many colour and pattern options.