Gigi....I just want to thank you for just a transparent reply. I feel the same way as a fashion newbie.... I hesitate to post photos of items I love for fear that others won't like it and it just "May" cause next to second guess my loves....such as long cardigans, jackets, tunics. So, I was relieved to see another forum member express so clearly what I couldn't. Hopefully, as my confidence increases, my skin will become least I hope an almost 50 year old can change her stripes!

For better or for worse, I know what I like and what I don't like. Negative comments from others wouldn't stop me from wearing something if I loved it, but I must confess that positive comments make me feel great.

One reason I joined this forum was to keep from becoming increasingly frumpy as I age. I've always given a very high priority to wearing clothes that make me look attractive, but have to confess it's not always so easy with increasing age. I'm grateful for all the good advice I'm getting here. That said, I've come to realize there are two types of women, those who care passionately about being trendy and those who care passionately about looking as good as possible. I'm definitely the second type.

Great comments! I agree with an earlier comment (Rae, I believe?) that if I'm on the fence about something, I can be swayed by the visceral reaction of others. However, if I love love love an item, if I feel that passionately for it and suspect forum reaction would not be overwhelmingly positive, I don't even post it for feedback.

No - if I love something, I love it - no matter what. The interesting aspect for me (and this definitely speaks to my personality) is that if I really love something, the more negative feedback I receive about the item, the more I love it! I dig in my heels - very aware that I'm doing it and very aware that it may not be serving me well, but I do it anyway.

Definitely influenced if not swayed by forum opinion and particularly your opinion Angie (well it's true!). Usually I find myself easily swayed when I was in doubt to begin with, and digging in my heals when I had a strong feeling initially. I usually post the former over the latter though.

It depends on the comment from others. If someone simply says they dont like something that generally wont affect how I feel. However if someone says
"I dont like it because..." and offers some reasoning, I will consider that as it may be something I have not seen or picked up on. But I still like to think I make my own decisions regardless of what others think.

I have always loved my Birkenstocks despite continual visceral reaction on the forum....

Nah -- unless I asked for feedback on how something looks on me, I'm not likely to be swayed by others' visceral reactions.

For one thing, I realize my own visceral reactions are often subject to exceptions.

Regarding puffed sleeves: rounded, little girl styles are a "no way" for me, but I used to have a short-sleeved jacket where the sleeves had a squared-off, inverted pleat that could have been considered an angular, geometric version of the puff.

It added shoulder volume, which I don't need, but it wasn't little-girl-ish, so I was happy wearing it.

When I read someone's visceral, negative reaction to something, I just kid myself that they'd feel differently if they saw the example that *I* love.

Nope, I'm not swayed that easily by strong reactions of others on certain styles. Like others have mentioned, I'm more concerned how I feel about something.

Negative visceral reactions do affect me, but don't sway me. I can easily think of examples when such reactions haven't deterred me from wearing an item. Uggs. Maxi dresses. My horribly outdated square-toed tall boots. Non-PPL pants.

I can remember a time years back when Angie gave me a "nay" for a pair of orange Docksiders that I fell in love with. They tickled my fancy because I have a secret love of all things preppy. I thought the orange version was playful and sophisticated. That was a long time ago, I don't remember what you said, Angie, I am sure it was tactfully and gently worded. I just remember my own visceral response, the doubt and the questioning of my own taste.

I didn't return those shoes. I didn't wear them either. But I still have them and in fact, every year when I cull through my shoes, they make the cut and stay. Unworn. Why? Because One Of These Days(!) those shoes are going to be totally on trend. Ha! So I am waiting for that moment! And it may be 2014 -- there is something loafer-ish about them.

Okay I'm being silly now. In all seriousness, what I came around to realizing is that there is nothing wrong with any particular item of clothing, it's all in the way you wear and style it. It's not so much about flattery as it is about looking modern & fresh, rather than dated.

As for the puff sleeves, despite being an IT, I still have an irrational passion for shoulder pads --- the huge 80s ones. I keep waiting for that style to come back. Huge shoulders weren't flattering on me back then, they wouldn't be now either, but there's just something about that deliberate linebacker look. I don't know, can't explain it.

Puff sleeves fall into this category for me as well -- I adore them on pretty pears with dainty and sloped shoulders. But I also adore them on ITs because, bizarrely enough, to my eye, the puffiness seems to make naturally broad linebacker shoulders look more girly.

That is the "in theory" part but YLF has taught me that the devil really in those niggling details. I need the help and extra pairs of eyes/opinions to evaluate whether THIS particular version of a fashion re-tread is

1) A modern interpretation, worn in a modern, not dated way.

2) Optimized for flattery. I don't need every outfit to be 100% flattering, but if I am going to try to wear an item, like puff sleeves, which may not be ideal for my figure, it is really awesome to have detailed advice about what to look for - like your set-in sleeve example.

But, I take that as guidance not religion. I am thinking about a certain shiny purple exaggerated puff sleeve blouse I wore to death, with a vest, a few years back. It flew in the face of flattery rules but I still loved it for some crazy reason (maybe the color) and wore it anyway.

Likewise, I adopted maxi dresses two seasons ago -- at total surprise to my very own self -- and I am hoping to wear them again-- and often-- this summer too.

Visceral reactions -- including my own -- be damned! I mean, did you notice I am wearing PINK this season?? I have finally made friends with pastel pink. Just the right shade - blush - and worn in a certain, sophisticated way. Sometimes I wonder if that makes me a fashion lemming, but I prefer to be in awe of how I can still surprise myself, and turn an adamant "no, never" into a "what was I ever thinking?"

Not really. Like many others here, I like what I like and remain true.

When it comes to dislikes, I am like the character in Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. I say "No way!" to trying something and then the pretty persuasion of YLF works its magic and I am on-board and all in!

You have trained my eye and changed my mind so many times!

"I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-Am."

Thank you YLF!