I am off Jeans untill October. It's 85 at 7:30 this morning, going to be 96 today. Way to warm to wear jeans. So it's skirts and dresses to work and shorts at home.I really do miss wearing my Jeans.

Blue jeans are a major component of my wardrobe. I don’t wear them as much in the summer, but I did just wear a pair yesterday, since it’s a bit cooler in SoCal than at home. Blue is the only color of jeans I own and wear, and I have two pairs.

I have to wear jeans because of where I work. I actually like wearing jeans but on a day to day basis, it's very boring. I would rather wear dresses and skirts, especially in the summer months.

Janet - I know exactly what you mean by chinos not having the right vibe for certain social/evenings out, and shorts not being right either. I adopted the skinny white jeans (usually cuffed, sometimes distressed) with a black off-the-shoulder top for nights out where I want to look a little (I won't use the term rocknroll for myself- that would be a little off) , well, sexier. If that isn't too presumptuous a term. I know you don't wear white jeans though....

I still love jeans and wear them Fridays and weekends - usually cropped at this time of year. When/if it gets too hot here I'll switch to shorts and lighter fabric cropped pants but for now it's still jeans. There were some years back in the 80's when I didn't wear jeans, mostly stirrup pants for casual, but now it's hard to imagine. You have a small cohesive collection for sure - very nice!

SOOOO OFF BLUE JEANS RIGHT NOW. But that happens every year

Haven't worn mine in many months, accept for my wide crops and flowers. See finds. Come Oct, I fall in love with my blue jeans all over again.

Then I'm off them again in Feb.....

I'm off jeans because it's summer and too hot. I'll wear white ones to work but that's about it.

Florida summer + menopause = no jeans, no way. Plus mine are skinny, stretchy, just thinking about it makes me cringe.
I've grown to dislike spandex more and more. But a mid or low rise, straight leg, dark wash, unwiskered, undistressed, all soft cotton pair of jeans does not exist among the billions out there.
So yes, off jeans.

Janet, my solution to that dilemma is dress/skirt with distressed denim jacket. That's what you often default to, also.

True, Suz. But many times here it's too warm for the denim jacket, and the dress on its own seems, well, just not quite right. Yuck. Really not a fan of our climate, and it's only getting worse.

Oh gosh. Of course, I haven’t worn real, full-fledged denim in years on any sort of regular basis. Only to go camping or something. And not blue. I’ve got a pair of blue overalls and a pair of blue bf jeans with patches and some acid wash super fake jeans... the last I do really like tho, because they’re high waisted. Still, haven’t worn them since before April. I like patterned bottoms.

I like high waisted jeans but find them a little hard to style......I am still wearing them though ( three days out of seven probably!).

Not off blue jeans at all, just wear lighter ones in summer which are cool enough for coastal California. I keep thinking about buying a pair of white jeans for summer but don't think I'd wear them enough or maybe I just don't have enough social occasions to wear them. Chinos end up not fitting as well as I thought at the time I bought them.

I find getting the right fit in pants terribly difficult and so I just have a few pairs of jeans-black, white and dark blue. I don’t wear them in summer.

I like the weight of jeans and wish I could find other pants in a similar weight but with a more dressy look than jeans.

No, I am definitely not off blue jeans. I am on vacation right now and my travel wardrobe include two pairs of light/medium blue jeans, which are getting a lot of wear. (I have brought white jeans and white crops, too, but would never rely solely on white bottoms.)

For me, light and medium blue jeans feel very right in spring or summer. I use my grey and black jeans more in fall and winter. I have no dark blue jeans, but would like to get a pair, as I suppose they would look great year round.

I prefer straight legs or a slight bootcut.

Totally off denim for the past two years except for a chambray shirt. After decades of wearing denim virtually daily I wanted something different.

And then my daughters had me listen to a podcast about how horrible all blue denim is for the environment so finding my way back is going to be a real challenge.

Well, my blue jeans are white, blush, and several pairs of gray plus a lot of different style and rises in blue. I will wear the shorter versions all summer. I'm tired of skinny jeans though. I have three pairs of non-jeans pants and I haven't worn one pair yet. Joe's jeans and NYDJ fit my body best. Trying to transition to higher waists, but it is taking a lot more effort. I wish I'd appreciated my body when I was younger--always worried about flaws that probably weren't there.

Skirts are a problem for me--legs are a good shape but showing age with veins, etc.

Closing music . . Neil Diamond singing "Forever in Blue Jeans."

I love blue denim year round. I am quite classic in my denim style, I tend to buy and wear my Mother or Paige denims and forget the rest as they are less flattering on me. These are my favourite pairs with the dark blue being complete workhorses.

My lifestyle pretty much demands jeans, both at work and at home. The great thing is that I love denim and the variety of color and style available. I've recently decided that when I fall in love with a pricey pair, it's OK to spend the money on them since jeans are the major part of my wardrobe.
I like chinos but only in interesting colors, like a fading lime or fuchsia. But they are not wash and wear like denim is (allergic to ironing!) so I have to REALLY want to wear them to spend the money.

Dressed way up or dressed way down, they simply work for the life I live.

My first thought was NO! I love my jeans, but this season I purchased two pairs of pull on silk pants (possibly with a nod towards athleisure), and three pairs of trousers to match blazers. Hmm, no new jeans!

I still love blue jeans, but since I'm in a hot location right now I am not wearing them often. I'm really struggling to make outfits without them, actually. They are so versatile and have a resonance that I haven't found in any other garment as yet.

I don't think I've ever been "on" them. Even when I learned me new high school didn't allow them, I was fine with it, almost relieved. I usually have a pair in the closet, but rarely wear them. Last fall I wore them more than I have in years, because I didn't have much for cold weather, lol.