Thank you Gaylene!

Jenni - I like your collection. My favourites are 1 (navy) and 2 (multicolored).

For women's wear, if it looks like the jacket is part of a suit, or made of suiting fabric, I'll call it a 'jacket'. 'Blazer' implies a heftier, more durable fabric.

Thank you for asking!

Angie's answer when I asked was that a suit jacket is a specific (but unspecified) kind of blazer, so I was planning to give up and just call everything a blazer.

Gaylene, I am on your wavelength! Thanks for the visuals!

Thanks a lot, Gaylene (these were very useful references for non-English natives). My idea of what is a blazer was right, but I didn't know the term "sportcoat" - now I don't have to say "that sort of less formal blazer" anymore

I am on Gaylene's wavelength (waves to Gaylene, fellow Canadian) and agree that none of your eclectic and interesting jackets are blazers, although 6 comes closest.

I own several blazers and several jackets. I consider the fuchsia J. Crew and the Reiss navy to be blazers. The Emerson Rose and the Trouvé are jackets. The Elie Tahari is more of a blazer than a jacket (it's actually part of a suit) but the detailing makes it a bit ambiguous.

I'm not counting denim jackets, moto jackets, or kimono style toppers here. (By the way, I never heard the word topper before I came to YLF either. So it's not commonly used in regular parlance, I don't think.)

I just read the article Rachy posted and watched the video, and I’m all sorted. I know what’s what! Thanks Rachy! Very helpful!