Ahhh! @ nemosmom - there is some major ‘bookending’ going on here! (Half your collection.) Warm golden brown/cognac to match your hair! Not too many shoes, BTW. This is a pretty diverse collection style-wise.

@Sal - In summer, I mostly reach for the slides (pedicure-permitting). If I need to hide my toes, I reach for the low-top sneakers, although I cringe a bit at it.

@Carla - I feel like I default to bookending because I don't wear much print or color variety in my tops/bottoms. My closet is mostly green tops, and jeans... or tops in the same color as the jeans... and I look for a little continuity somewhere... I think...

I vote different enough & useful.

Sorry my friend Nemosmom but how can I possibly relate to someone who doesn’t think about shoes as part of their outfit?
These actually all look pretty similar to me. But I want 1000 different colours of shoe...

Aww, Jenni! I wouldn't expect you to relate! I absolutely adore your sassy shoemaker elf collection!