Gaylene , Rachylou and Aida, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I will think about navy and figure out if I really want/need to keep looking for navy shoes.

Joy, I've been following this thread with interest as I have some boots with a similar heel and square toe. I still wear mine for now, but I've been threatening to pass them on for some time.
I agree with what April says about the age factor here - unfair but true, and I speak as one of the older members myself. Angie's post on flared crops gave me the same impression: I could see younger, trendier women pulling off the look beautifully, while on me it might read as if I were sporting my old flares at half mast - a look I see quite frequently when I'm a out and about, and it's not pretty!
Still, Angie has validated the shoes, so we can both please ourselves, I suppose. Are you going to keep or pass?

I have a very similar pair in black that I wear with my jeans or dress slacks. They are comfy which in my book trumps everything else. Continue to enjoy them.

Summer, I know what you mean. I see retired women who are nicely dressed but look like they are wearing their office clothes from 20 years ago.
Lara, I will probably pass these on. I have some wide navy pants that I want to try them with, but I think the heels on these shoes are too high for any pants that I have.

I'm glad you decided to pass them on. They are not the "you" I have come to know.