If you read my introduction you'll see I have muscular dystrophy. My legs have always been a concern of mine. Anyway my friend wants us to have a black dress this Saturday for her bday. I usually wear long dresses but we are going to the club so a long dress doesn't really suit the scene. I have thigh high boots but I only wear them in the fall. Yesterday I saw a dress in a store I was thinking about getting but am apprehensive because of my legs.My calves are 12 inches and it gradually goes down by 1 inch until it gets to my ankle which is 8 inches. ie 12-11-10-9-8. Although to me it looks pretty much straight from my calf to ankle...

My friend, store clerk and ex said I look fine but well I think they may be biased. My boss says I'm too skinny. I have been teased for my legs my whole life.

I'm am planning on going to buy that dress today or tomorrow so help ASAP would be nice.

Also what kind of shoes would look nice IF I did buy it. I only have flats. I can't walk in heels because of my muscles. Maybe very low heels but it need to be sturdy. I think the flats make my legs look worse since there is no curve/shape. IT just goes straight from my skinny legs to my big feet. If my feet were smaller you wouldn't notice the difference as much.... I've read that a very thick ankle strap, cuff or the cage style works. Anything to add bulk to the ankles. But not too much bulk around the foot. That represents some challenge too since 5 of the toes on my left foot are curled so I don't wear open toed shoes or sandals.


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