That's my beach! Seriously, I live 10 minutes from there. I didn't ask where you were going to be, I just assumed Nova Scotia because they get all the artsy things.

I'm glad to hear the Bay has them online. Our Moncton store closed -- 5-10 years ago? and before that they were of no help in finding shoes my size. And the Halifax store isn't much better. At least online if I click on the shoe I'm interested in, I can see right away if it comes in my size range.

Meanwhile I have my new blue paisley Wellies for walking on the beach and the seaweed.

It sounds like those boots and sneakers are worth their weight in gold! Your pictures are gorgeous too. Glad to hear everything is OK with your daughter.

L'Abeille, You're kidding!!! That's incredible!! Maybe we passed each other walking?

As a matter of fact, my friend and I are planning to try to make this an annual thing, so perhaps we could meet next year. I try really hard to make it a true retreat, but a walk on the beach or a cup of tea would not interrupt that too much and I would love to say hello in person to a Gentlewoman!!

This is actually the part of the world my dad comes from so I am familiar with the climate and landscape from childhood.

Great story! Good wishes for DD.

Wow, Suz! I'm glad you're OK. That sounds like a dangerous storm.

Thanks for the endorsement of the Aquatalias. I have some boots from them and am always afraid to wear them in inclement weather. They have a heel that is easily damaged (it's very thin leather wrapped around the heel), and my cobbler told me never to wear them in wet weather. But maybe if I use leather conditioner after a wet day I'll be OK.

Great endorsement Suz. I will check The Bay online for Aquatalias to see what they have.

Glad to hear your DD is okay.

Your retreat sounds wonderful. Lovely pics.

That's quite the endorsement. Must have been nerve-wracking to be out in torrential rain in a new pair of boots, but it's good to know you can trust them. Clearly worth the investment!

The retreat pics are amazing. I'm not surprised you're going back next year.

Holy Cannoli, now that's a rainstorm! We've had a few of those this year too, and my car almost drowned in Kohl's parking lot. Thank heaven's I didn't go into the fitting room that day!

I do love those boots. So glad they did their duty in such style, and happy to hear that DD's day got better when her stalwart mother showed up!

What a storm. I am glad the Aquatalias came through for you. They are amazingly good with waterproofing, comfort and style.

I spray mine, Suz... figure it can't hurt. And it may help.

If you are making this an annual thing, let me know too! You never know....