K2K from me!:-)&I'm in love with this combo, never saw a better outfit with a plisée midi skirt! That red is gorgeous with your hair, the graphic white snakers(whohoo!!!) and denim jacket!!! +Happy Birthday to Mr Suz!:-).

Happy Birthday to DH! This pleated style skirt is a nice change from the tube style you wore last year. Since the skirt is flowy and has lots of volume, I'm thinking short tops and slim fit tops tucked in will work best and not compete with the skirt. Don't laugh, but those bodysuit style tops was the first top style that popped into my head. Or maybe a body con fit sleeveless mockneck top tucked in would work.

gorgeous skirt and you wear it so well! for other styling options, what about a cropped and fitted sweater?

I love this skirt, esp with the tennies. Very on trend - except the deep red is a surprise, a twist.

My short waisted self also got a pleated silly skirt too, but haven't worn it yet. Been too busy roughing it.

Great outfit! I love the sneakers with the skirt. It looks great the way you've styled it, but I have problems with that type of skirt too. I always feel like they emphasize my belly pooch and I can never quite figure out the right tops. You have lots of suggestions here and I hope you get it figured out because the skirt is great.

I LOVE this outfit, so fun!

I have the same ECCO sneaks and have yet to pair them with a dress or skirt, so you've inspired me.

And I agree no apple in sight, and if you're struggling with a short waist you've nailed the proportions! (I'm taking notes!)