I know it's a bit too early to talk about fall, but I'm realizing that if I purchase warm weather only items, I will only get a little over two months of wear on them before we transition to fall! I still have a very sparse wardrobe and a new style shift, so I'm looking to purchase items (mainly tops) that are "seasonless" from now until September. Here's my breakdown:

Items I'm swapping out/storing for next year:
- any top that has sleeves (excludes sweaters and my black fitted top)
- vests

Items I'm keeping
- all sleeveless tops (for layering under toppers)
- tube skirts
- LBD + cobalt dress

Items I'm adding from storage
- sweaters
- sweater dress

Items I need to purchase
- replacement for my waxed denim skinnies (is thus still on trend?)
- better jeans
- tunic length toppers
- more sleeveless tops
- sweaters

Items I'm donating
- the "peplum" tunic.

As you can see, I'm keeping almost all my summer purchases for the fall season, except for sleeved tops (annoying to wear with jackets) and vests. From now until September, I will purchase only sleeveless tops that will transition well in the remaining seasons. From October onwards, I'll focus on the toppers and jeans. I may hold off on sweaters until December (I'm still getting used to wearing them).

What about you? Are you thinking about your fall wardrobe yet? Any ideas where I can draw inspiration for fall?