Hi Ladies! I was wondering if there were any other gals out there who are retired and what your wardrobe looks like? Now that I don't work anymore, I have a pretty casual day, usually out the door doing my errands by 11am, and it's challenging to put outfits together for just living and not having to worry about what to wear to the workplace anymore. I love to wear some comfy slacks, a cashmere sweater, or a T, some mules or slip on shoes, a scarf, pearls, and a nice handbag. But I really could use some ideas, on what YOU wear day to day? and what are some activities you do now that you're retired, or those of you who don't work and are over 50. Thx. It's totally a different concept for me now to just wear what I want, not what's appropriate for work. I just retired last summer, and I'm thinking a bit, "now what do I do" with my life? But I can honestly no longer wake up at 5am, rush around to get to work by 7:30. Been there done that for so many years. What do you do ladies, now that you're retired? I love shopping, movies, love love to cook, am involved with my church, but still am feeling old sometimes~