I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks. I *think* I have a dress (the one in the find below) - unless I find something better. And I'm all set for accessories.

What I really need are some shoes. My feet are super fussy these days, and my existing shoes are a bit uncomfortable and also not all that current.

What I'm looking for: gold (but will consider other metallics, although I would prefer not super shiny silver), 1-2" heel (I will go up to 2.5 but only if it's a stable block heel), ankle strap or fairly snug slingback, and COMFORTABLE. For me, this means soft leather, some padding in the footbed, not pinchy across my bunion/toes. I have a duck-foot shaped foot - pancake flat, low volume, narrow heels, but with spread out toes and a smallish bunion. Arch support would be fantastic but I can live without it for one day. The dress is quite a bit longer on me than the model so I think a low heel (vs. totally flat) would be better.

Anyway, I went to some stores and tried on shoes yesterday and found literally nothing that was comfortable and didn't look weird on my feet. But shoes are one thing that I have so much better luck with online.

I've ordered the two sam edelman styles below to try.

The VC style is one that I tried yesterday and which looked SO WEIRD on my feet (plus the band was pinchy and the sole was hard). This style seems popular right now, with the narrow band across the front, but I tried several like it and they all looked really weird on my feet, so I think I need a wider band maybe.

Anyway, I would LOVE any suggestions you might have. I am feeling a little discouraged right now. Shoes are so difficult.

Bonus if I can order it with fast shipping/free returns from Zappos or Amazon, as the wedding is in 10 days.