Black Friday isn’t really a thing for me. I’m still waiting on the kids Christmas lists, and the husband and I don’t do gifts for each other.

However, I saw that Boden has the entire store on 30% off, which was enough for me to restock some basics - Bretons and double-layer tees. I’m also relooking at cardigans since I’m pretty sure we are homebound into spring, and I really appreciate Boden’s quality both for cashmere and for knitwear.

Gretchen, I will look into Boden for cashmere. I recently ordered a cashmere cardigan from Macy's, and while I simply adore the pattern, it is the lightest, thinnest cashmere I've ever seen - not exactly what I was going for. It would be a great summer-weight sweater, but I suppose given the price I should have known; you get what you pay for... or less.

The last two or three years it has become a thing here too which is weird as we don't have the nice part - the thanksgiving.

I did some Christmas shopping for my 18 year old who is going into a "flat" next year at university. The 50% off bed linen prompted me to go shopping for his duvet cover. I also did buy a cami on sale but would have bought that anyway.

I have seen a couple of promotions around donations for smaller retailers. Ie we will donate x% to charity for shopping over this day.

I did some Christmas shopping too for my young nieces aged 2 and 4 - I bought these bathers (swimmers). I also bought some new underwear and bras for me at 40% off.

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This little jacket is on its way to me. A medium brown jacket has been a longtime HEWI- so worth a try. Also got another pair of joggers and a bunch of Target t's for sleep/homewear. And a pack of brown socks too, cause my black ones look wrong with my cognac Birkies.

I picked up a couple of things/holiday gifts: a couple pairs of pjs for my boys, a replacement hoodie for hubs. Nothing too crazy. I am hoping for some good deals on basics at the beginning of the new year.

Lands End online had 60% off over the weekend so picked up some silk long underwear for my husband and son, a couple of towels, and 2 pairs of leather gloves - grey and navy - for myself. Not really doing gifts this year.

Echo, those are brilliant purchases and I think it's okay to call them early holiday gifts to yourself. If you are losing weight you do need to replace things. And a watch is also a piece of jewellery. Practical AND beautiful.

I don't normally go in for Black Friday but this year I went nuts! Some of it will likely go back.

My "fashion" purchases were actually pre-black Friday -- I put in a J. Crew order for some sale items -- a scarf, two tops, a pair of pants. I hope they work.

My real BF purchases were all gear! I tore my meniscus and can't walk right now so have to bike instead and I do not have proper biking gear for the cold. I put in an order for those items and am treating myself to a good wind shell and thermal leggings and top and gloves for cold-weather riding.

That watch is gorgeous! I think it's always worth it to pick up timeless pieces like that on sale. I've never shopped the malls/craziness during Black Friday, though I do try to support my local small businesses, and this year more than ever. I did make a some sale purchases, but for things I've been planning and thinking about for a while- trying a couple skin care products from The Ordinary that have been on sale for all of November, and bought a piece of furniture that I've been contemplating for at least year.

Nice purchases, everyone! Hope they work out.

To me, retail has felt like a Black Friday Sale since March

My purchases were before BF:

I usually don’t do BF, instead I use November to buy drastically discounted summer pieces for next year; often BF will net an additional small discount on them. So for both my husband and I bought summer weight athletic gear, casual summer shoes and linen pants and lightweight sweaters. I will tuck them away until I swap our closets for summer and then see what else we still need. I started doing this to avoid new season Resort prices for our usual tropical trip in February, but it’s a good way to do restock on perennials on budget. This year I did a bit more seasonal shopping than usuel to catch pieces in my preferred but not often available colors, and to rebuild my outdoor accessories as they are a bit sparse.

I actually bought quite a bit, though nothing for myself. I had lists of Christmas ideas for my husband and son and just sort of went down the list of planned purchases and, if they were on sale, I ordered them.

Okay, one thing for myself...not clothing though. The linen sheets I like were 20% off, so I ordered a new bedding set for the master bedroom.

All my purchases were online. Retail is still open here at very limited capacity, but we also have a new, more strict stay-at-home order, so I'm only going out for essentials.

I ordered myself a sweater from Nadaam's cyber Monday sale. Does that count?

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I ordered two graphic tees at outofprint, they had a buy one get one for free offer. Even with international shipping and prepaid taxes the price was alright, because the exchange rate was in my favour too. I didn't buy anything else, because most of the brands I like don't take part in Black Friday sales.

All of my shopping has been online since the beginning of the pandemic. I haven't seen the inside of a store since March, except for an athletics department store to pick up my kiddo's new bike in June.
So, my black friday (week!) purchases were also online. I got a new set of sheets, some winter accessories and the new Dan Brown book, Wlild Symphony, for the kiddo. I also ordered some new masks to try.

Yes, Cyber Monday counts, too!

And bella, I failed to mention that I ordered yet more masks. I have one kind that I wear constantly, so one would imagine I'd be set because I have so many, except I keep putting them in the washer and then drying them... and they shrink.

It's not a total loss, as my daughter prefers them that way, but I prefer them before I have machine-dried them!