Jules -- the trial and error costs of "upgraded basics" get to me too! It's time-consuming, expensive, and there's nothing worse then being stuck with spendy basics that turn out to be total duds.

LaP—thanks for the Darn Tough call out...Sizes! Cute patterns and solids! Order placed!

Such a great collection! I have a small collection of socks. I had to replace all my socks after our house was flooded a few years ago. I am very picky about socks, so it takes me some time to find the right ones.

La Ped, i agree and thus I’ve largely given up on the idea that there’s some perfect iteration of every needed item out there if we just keep trying to find it. It’s not just financial but the time and energy spent on things that maybe just don’t matter to me that much. I’d rather ‘make do’ per my previous thread. For my latest sock purchase, I was running low on cozy socks for at home. Facebook saw me checking out some options and sent me an ad for a small business in Montreal. They seem earnest and the socks were cute and reasonably priced. I chose some with decent natural fibre content and they came in one day. So far so good but I’m also not super invested in the long term outcome - they’re just socks that make me happy for now, chosen somewhat mindfully rather than just from the available options at my usual stores. Meanwhile I also need leggings and I’m absolutely paralyzed about $20 fleece lined ones, fast fashion but at least from a local store, vs $60 locally made organic cotton I suspect won’t wear that well, vs $130 locally made, more sustainable bamboo that apparently last a long time but then so did my old $20 fleece ones. ARGH it’s making me nuts and meanwhile I’m wearing out some favourite skinny jeans that I’d rather reserve for future ‘real life’ but actually cost less than the most expensive leggings so what even makes sense anymore I don’t know!!!

Sorry for my long thread highjacks suntiger! Apparently socks are a touchy subject with me, lol

What a lovely organized sock drawer!

In a multi-season climate I think it's inevitable that one will have a large number of socks since one needs different types for different seasons and purposes. I've got about 35 in my own drawer just now, plus another handful that I wear just as loungewear/pj socks.

Your organized sock drawer looks fantastic!

Too many of my socks seem to disappear in the laundry, or to get holes in them, so I resupply at least once a year. I haven’t counted, but I’m guessing I have about a two-week supply of cotton and knit socks. I also have at least a dozen “footie” socks in black, white, and fun colors for walks in warm weather. And I like to also keep about half a dozen “trouser socks” on hand for wearing under work pants some days.

Smart wool socks were a happy discovery for me a few years ago. They have worn well, come in heavier and lighter weights, and are available in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. They definitely help keep my feet warm outdoors in winter.