You remember me! Hi back!

Sure do.

I have ordered a number of white sneakers to test and am going to be quite picky. Will post reviews here.

*fingers crossed*

Glad you got some fab suggestions. Keep us posted.

My Oesh sneakers arrived, as did my replacement Blackstones (after I returned the shearling-lined ones that were too tight in the toebox.) I have a guest this weekend but will try to do a review at some point.

I have problem feet, and even athletic shoes are not my perfect answer although Brooks Addictions come closest. My Dansko clogs are no longer all day shoes.

Amazon just delivered the Alegrias yesterday. I don’t want to like them because they are so masculine, but darn, they are soooo comfortable, maybe even more than the Josef Seibels which are even more masculine. (Maybe this is why men have fewer foot problems?) They can be worn with straight leg jeans and probably anything else that looks okay with clogs.

FWIW, the Alegrias list their 37 as 7-7.5, whereas most places say a 37 is 6.5-7. Maybe it is that extra half size that keeps these shoes off my bunions and from squeezing my left little toe?

Just for kicks I also added two more pairs of my most comfy shoes to demonstrate that comfort doesn’t necessarily have to mean comfort brands; they just need to fit one’s own idiosyncrasies.

Comfort has to trump style. Could you perhaps replace the laces of the Alegria with colored or ribbon laces to soften the look a bit. Or wear them with fun patterned/polka dot/lace socks?

DF - I hate when retailers say a 37 is a 7 and a 38 an 8. In reality, a 37 is a 6.5 and a 38 a 7.5.

Not sure why European sizing doesn't more often include half sizes.

Clarks and Naturalizer are comfortable for me- but I just wear their heels, not sneakers. Nike and Saucony for runners, but they're purely gear shoes, not daily shoes.

Elle; it's the overall bulkiness of the Alegrias that irritates me. It is a little hard to tell from the Find, but they are immensely more bulky than my Franco Sarto oxfords which are metallic green BTW.

Oh, and when my socks might show, they are never plain. I seem to have lost some of my Finds, however. You get the picture, though.

Have you shopped at She reviews shoes, boots, sandals for problem feet. She has rheumatoid arthritis and as a result finding shoes to fit her painful feet was an issue.

Thanks, Jorja. Yes, many of the shoes that turned out not to work for me were good fits for the Barking Dog writer. Different issues, I guess. I love that she focuses on fussy-foot styles, though, and hope springs eternal!

Sorry, I hadn't realized that the Alegrias were that bulky. If your amazing sock collection doesn't help, then nothing will. Why is it so hard to find comfortable AND stylish shoes? So frustrating!

I only wear Camper, Born, and FitFlop but I have different foot issues

Hello April! I empathize with your current situation as I tried cortisone shots, sclerosing injections (7 per foot), and custom orthotics. The only solution that worked was surgery and it took three to rid myself of the neuromas.

I now need to wear shoes with a rigid sole and they also must accommodate orthotics. I finally found a pair by Drew Shoes that works. After continued pain, my Podiatrist noted shoes with too flexible of a sole were aggravating the former neuromas sites.

The style I purchased is Ruby. Another brand with rigid soles or rocker bottom soles is Dromedaris.