I'm looking for recommendations for stylish and/or practical camera bags or bag systems (pouches or sleeves to put inside a regular bag) for those that carry a full-size DSLR.

I'd love a bag that I can use to transport my DSLR in my daily life. I would leave it locked up in the vehicle (low rate of vehicle break ins or thefts), but I can't do that in the winter because of our daytime low temps.

I'm not worried about being able to get the camera out while walking (I wear it when I'm actively shooting), but don't want to have to fuss with it when I want it out (i.e. unstrap a whole bunch of things and unwrap/untangle it).

I need something I can take into work that isn't too bulky that I can fit a wristlet and makeup bag (so it doesn't freeze on days my foundation needs to make the trip) and a planner in. Originally I was looking for something to fit my laptop in too, but short of a big backpack I think that I will have to put the laptop in a separate tote on the 2 days a week it comes to work. I'm thinking about getting a tablet for that purpose, but I don't know if I can give up my keyboard!

My big problem is that I like a smaller bag (recently bought a crossbody that is 9" by 10" and it feels too big worn cross-body, my current purse fits what I need but is a "hand"bag and drives me nuts when it has heavy stuff like the camera in it). I already am juggling a lunchbag and coffee mug and keys trying to get past our locks and alarms at work most days. However, the DSLR is tall? (from the base to the eyepiece) so I need something thick? to transport it in.

In addition to taking the camera to work more it would also be my travel bag for day trips to the mountain towns around us--- mostly because it is going to have to be a special bag to meet my and I doubt I will find two I like equally. I can't decide if I want something stylish or something unisex so the SO could carry it if he wanted or needed to when we are on a trip.

Of course, despite not being a bag person, this doesn't have to be my only bag. I purchased a wristlet that I think is very sweet for casual use, although I'm thinking I might return it for a wallet, but the wristlet would be better to go from day to evening for gallery openings and the like. If the right event came up, I would probably purchase a fancier clutch and in the summer I plan to switch to a smallish cross body for work use with my planner, wallet, meds, etc.

Any tips? Brands to look at? What are your systems?