A little about me: I’m a mom with two teenagers in the house (one of whom is mine), who works from home in a creative handmade business. I currently live in a small town in northern Colorado, but will be moving to a larger city in California within the next few months. My style moniker is always fluid, but “artsy boho edge” feels kind of good right now. I wear a lot of natural fibers, a lot of black and brown, and mostly warm, earthy accent colors.

Outfit 1 - Trying out the jumpsuit I bought as a WFH uniform, with a long sweater over, because winter. I expected this to be mostly a writing/computer work day, but a rush order came in and I ended up doing production work until past midnight. The jumpsuit made the transition seamlessly. This outfit feels like me because of the column of the color, v-neckline, and combination of black and brown.

Outfit 2 - Not shown (but represented in Finds), because it was a stressful production day that saw me rushing to a post office in the next town over at 5:20 to be sure my shipment made it to the client on time. I wore boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee, my cozy yellow sweater, and cognac Chuck Taylors. This is the kind of thing I’ve been wearing since college, so vintage me.

Outfit 3 - A break after two very long days. I have a regular weekly coffee meeting with my maker group on Wednesday mornings, and then ran some errands and a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I wore my new Elizabeth Suzann dress with my embroidered hoodie sweater and cowboy boots. If I were to pick the MOST me outfit in my closet, this might be it. I felt great all day.

Three days, three different silhouettes, by the way, is also very me. I wear a limited color palette, but switch up the shapes often.

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