Inspired by Nemosmom's post about seasonal standouts, I'm taking an opposite tack and just for fun (!!) I thought I'd take a look at my shopping fails so far this year, to see what's gone wrong and what I can learn. So far this year, I've purchased 28 items (including accessories and gear, not including jammies and underpinnings), and of these, 7 have not pulled their weight thus far - either I've gone through the season to wear them and didn't really, or I'm not keen on wearing them this fall even though they will be in season. There are a few others pieces that I haven't worn much, but I am keen to wear them so I think those were more weather-related and their time will likely come!

The fails:
1/2. black and light olive v-neck t's. I mean, these were just cheap tees I bought to checkmark a black and light neutral tee off my list. They are fine and will likely be relegated to sleepwear or house project clothing, but they were entirely unnecessary purchases.

3. The striped shorts. I don't know why these didn't get wear. I really like them! But they didn't. I suspect this is an orphan issue - I only really have one black top I like with them, and no shoes. I will keep them and see how I fare with them next summer - I need black slides or something to go with them, but I'm not inclined to by shoes to go with a relatively inexpensive pair of shorts unless they will serve a broader purpose. We'll see.

4. Gray v-neck tee. This tee was just crap quality. Next! (it was a JF one, not the one shown - just put that in as an easy Find placeholder).

5. The gray and white leopard tee. It's soooo soft and comfy, and sort of cool I guess but I don't know ... maybe just a bit much for my style? Relegating to loungewear for now. Not a true fail though in the sense that I was trying something different; ok it didn't work, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

6. Tie-dye tee - way too dull. Washed me out completely.

7. For the love of God why do I keep buying these cardigans? I buy them and they are neither fitted enough to be dressy and polished, nor oversized enough to fit comfortably over a long-sleeve. Will I never learn?!?!?


  • don't buy things just to tick them off the list
  • think through the outfit from tip to toe before purchasing
  • check the quality on items
  • be picky about the colours near my face in particular
  • in the name of all that is good and true, STOP buying these stupid cardigans!!!!!

Comments and additional insights welcome, as well as stories of fails and what you learned! x