Hi all,
At the risk of inspiring envy throughout the forum I must share with you all the most wonderful experience I had while in Seattle for business this week. It happened that Angie had enough time to meet me for coffee (at Starbucks, of course). We didn't take any pictures (which is just sinful) but I will tell you she looked gorgeous from head to toe in a proper Kate Spade print dress, bright pink coat, gold medallion necklace, and gold shoes. A young woman stopped at our table on her way out to compliment her on her outfit, and a man - who bumped into her lovely Furla bag - complimented her on the bag. It was sheer Angie-ness!
If you haven't met Angie, I urge you to try to do so if you ever get the chance. Our time over coffee was a bubble of happy chatter about life, work, family .... it was like meeting an old friend.
And then, to top it all off, we went briefly across the street to Nordstrom where Angie helped me find a fabulous spring blazer by Frame (perfect fit, 25% off, just an amazing statement piece).
Meeting up with Angie reminded me of the real power of YLF - and it's this beautiful petite powerhouse of a woman. She just radiates positive energy and goodwill.
Thank you for an unforgettable morning, Angie. Wish we had taken a picture - of our shiny shoes, at least!
Until we meet again,