My mother wore those shoes, too. They're just not my style.

Kari, I feel like the ones you posted are a bit different. They have a block heel but it's not as prominent and exaggerated, and the toe shape is different - rounder and less flat? In any case, they don't have the same vibe to me, and are less evocative of the orthopedic grandma shoe.

It IS all about adjusting one's eye, isn't it? We reject right up until our perceptions suddenly shift. Frump isn't about a particular design as much as it is about an unwillingness to let go.

No, those shoes are frumptastic.

Nordstrom has been taunting me with these. I accepted a couple of years ago that I can't wear pumps unless there's a strap to hold my foot down. I've also learned a skinny heel just doesn't work for me. So what did they do? Sexiest square heeled, triple strap pump I've ever seen.

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There's a Jeffrey Campbell shoe like this that I've had my eye on. It comes in a higher or lower cut version (both below in finds). I like the higher cut on myself but I can see how the lower cut is more elegant. I'm thinking of getting them in grey suede, but (username notwithstanding) I have a hard time combining greys with my usual blacks.

This shoe is one of my most re-pinned / liked pins on Pinterest, so it must be a trend! I haven't been following fashion blogs at all this year, though.

Thanks, Coco.

Traci, I have those silver Topshop pumps and wore them last week. LOVE them.

Karie, you look GREAT in your footwear.

Gaylene, you're dead right.

Greyscale those shoes are gorgeous. wow. They remind me of the most fashionable parisian women walking home from work.

I agree that it will take my eye a little while to adjust to these. I have no issue with a block heel, but on a pump as shown it is hard not to view it as an older woman's style. Then again, my eye has adjusted before, so I will try to keep an open mind.

I love these! This shape is perfect for my feet, and is a great scale and weight for my leg. To my eye, it's a silhouette of shoe that is making a resurgence. I think the young will be wearing them like crazy in the next couple of years. My issue will be wearing them with modern integrity. Remember, pointy toes seemed retro and, when they first returned to the scene, my mother hated them, since she associated them with "old fashioned" looks.

You know what's even better? Living in a fashion environment that shows block heels alongside strappy pointed toes and platforms. woohoo! Something for everyone!

I've always loved this style but haven't had the guts to wear it.
Ferragamo varas are just a beautiful shoe that looks so elegant on the foot. They are also an all-day walking shoe, for my mother anyway.
You just need to wear them with jeans and you're set.

Smittie, I've been eyeing the Varas in red for so long! The Varina (flat style) just wasn't comfortable on my foot.

Well my mind is so open that I have more than one of these - newish from COS and older Varas. This trend, unlike lace-ups, appeal to my loafer loving, not wanting to fuss with my shoes aesthetic. I do tend toward frumpy in my aesthetics perhaps.

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As mentioned above, frump is more a matter of styling than the shoe in itself. I think these look good in modern outfits, still don't know if I'd buy them. They are easier on the foot than very flat ballet flats, for sure, and more flattering too, depending on the vamp height (I have a strong ankle, so this is one of the first aspects I consider when choosing shoes).

The only one that looks frumpy to me is 5. because of the scalloping and the bow, and possibly because it's black. I would be happy to wear 1. and the snakeskin one.

I agree with Summer. I feel that #5 is the only frumpy one to my eye.

I think as long as that particular shoe trend is styled in a modern way then you're good to go.

Well, darn it, this thread convinced me to order the Jeffrey Campbell shoes. There's a low chance that I'll keep them, but I'll report back when they arrive!

Maybe it's a matter of exposure. Growing up in Seattle which tends to be pretty casual I don't recall many older women in my life wearing pumps or ballet flats so I don't have the hangup of associating them with old women like some of you mention here. The older women in my life tended to wear loafers, clogs, flat sandals, a lot of gray or light brown drapey outfits-think Eileen Fisher, mid 2000's. Birkenstocks are FAR more associated with frump for me than a simple pump with a chunky heel.

I NEED to know the make of 1 and 4, adore those snake prints!

Agree that it is all about making it deliberate and part of a look. I find it easier to take the risk if the rest of the outfit feels fresh, chic and totally on point. I do find that now that I am old enough to have experienced the "first" and second incarnations of some styles, there are a few that are unlikely to be re-visited here. YLF has made me a never say never person though, so I try to keep my mind open. Additionally, much younger folks may have an edge when it comes to making a look appear ironic and juxtaposed, as opposed to someone my age (yes, a generalization and many things can work across the ages).

I think I like them. You just have to be awear that you dont wear them in an,,old" way. I would wear them with an edgy outfit. At least you're wearing heals then and be comfortable. Yeah, I know....comfortable???

I think it's going to take my eye some time to adjust to this style. All the old ladies at church wear these and I haven't seen anyone young in them. I admit to being a slow adopter of trends, so I'm not going to say "never", but it might be a while before I can see these as trendy.