Did you plan on both wearing yellow, or was it a coincidence? And you’re wearing jackets!

Yesterday evening I had an event, and was going to wear a cute outfit with white cropped jeans. I changed my mind because I thought the chairs outside would be dirty. I wished I had worn my original outfit.

Your WFH team is as adorable as ever. ❤️

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I appreciate the empathy too. It’s been a surreal 15 months. Very stressful, yet therapeutic in a way.

JAileen, it was a rainy and chilly day, and a coincidence that we both wore a shade of yellow

Janet, I am short in the rise so the white jeans will be lower on you. Try them!

ChristelJ, how lovely! Glad you could make up for lost time.

FashIntern and Jules, isn’t that the truth. Gratitude is at the forefront of my mind.

I really hope retail pulls through....

Angie, I believe I am even shorter in the rise than you are, and a much different build — the high rise is really tough on me unless the fabric is super light and has some stretch. If those jeans popped up in front of me, I’d try them on for grins, but 12” comes nearly to my bra band!

So glad to see this -- and thanks for the tips on the bottoms! They look great. There has been some "cool spring" discussion about chinos on the forum of late! I like the shape of them. Also like the white jeans (with no tear!). WONDERFUL to see you with a client and so glad to know that Sam and Jo are making out well together!

It is so great to hear this, I am very happy for you Angie!

Congrats! So exciting!

So happy for you to be able to do what you love again.

It is wonderful to get back to doing what you love. You both look so happy. I am glad to hear that some of the retail is coming back to life. Jo and Sam are adorable.

How wonderful to be back in stores with clients! I am convinced retail brick-and-mortar will come roaring back. There is pent-up demand for in-person experiences! Our Nordstrom was very busy yesterday. Made me happy to see it bustling again!

What a breath of fresh air you and your client are! What a relief for you to be seeing clients in-person; they must be thrilled as well.

I loooove seeing Jo and Sam! She's getting so big (relatively speaking :). Congrats on adding to your white denim collection.

Yay!Real people doing real life shopping,who knew that could be so exciting!l like it that you insist on the clients wearing the same colour as you.Is that so you can spot each other across the shop floor?(:

Happy to hear that more possibilities are back on the table. Bit by bit... I love the joy that accompanies each step.

Those jeans are interesting as I’d like a few silhouette options. Only concern is they are labelled dry clean only. Somehow, that could cramp my style. Wonder if they really mean it.

Thank you very much for the kind and encouraging words!

Eliza, mine have gone into the regular laundry already. No problem

This makes me happy to see!

Thanks for the encouraging info, Angie. Great that they are working well for you.

Eliza, I hope you get them too.

Everything about this made me smile, it must have felt amazing for both of you!! And I love it that both you and your client were sporting happy yellow for this special occasion!