In need of suggestions for my airplane-travel sartorial challenges:

need to wear compression stockings for long airplane trips because of
my varicose veins. I can only wear the thigh-high stockings with the
silicone band for a variety of reasons.

This presents a few problems:

1. The silicone band shows through thin fabrics and body-skimming clothing
2. Even nude tights are obviously visible, so I can't wear cropped pants or summery dresses or skirts

would love to look more put-together but still comfortable when I
travel, but I find it difficult. I usually wear one of my two old trusty
Bettona Classic pants from Athleta (
in black or heathered plum. They are comfortable for overnight flights and disguise the silicone bands well. They also transition easily weather-wise (I often travel to the Southern Hemisphere, so go from sweltering summer to cool weather and back).

However, lately I've been feeling frumpy in these pants. I pair them with slip-on sneakers, a short-sleeve t-shirt, and a midweight cotton sweater. I don't really feel fab, although I feel functional (I need to be comfortable on my feet because I often travel with my young daughter, so lots of walking, carrying, helping etc).

I would love to un-frump my travel look. I'd welcome any suggestions on how to:

A) Style the Bettonas in a better way


B) Find other bottoms and pieces that could work with the compression stockings, weather transitions, and comfort needs

Thanks for any ideas, examples of pieces, etc!