I find myself nodding along with so many of your observations. So inspiring! I think at some point this fall I'll try laying everything out by colour and see what it reveals. Agree that there is a fine line between too much colour and no colour at all.

Unfrumped, yes you are right that Covid has made the "will I really like it IRL" test much harder. I hadn't quite realized that but it makes sense. if you only leave the house once every two weeks to go to the grocery
store (just as an example), then you don't get to test drive very many outfits.

LaP, good point about the fine line between not enough and too much color. I think it's not as much as an issue for those who like to wear a lot of color but maybe they have a similar issue with neutrals. Grass is always greener etc.

Interesting read, as you & I apparently have different basic instincts here. I do recognize how overly easy it can be to buy summer tops. But why do want fewer classic/simple ones? Is that the kind you have too many of? When I’ve had too many, it’s been the result of listening to a SA say that the thing to do with that quirky top I’m looking at is to wear it with jeans (which I don’t wear often).


I love how these AHA-moments have led to a brilliant plan that simply put - pander to a more authentic CHRIS-style because you are listening to your feelings and following through on them positively and constructively.

Well done

Also, sooooo with you that colour - whether it's a neutral or non-neutral - is the most important part about an item. If the colour is wrong, it's a non-starter for me. The fabric, fit, and everything else about it do not matter.

Thanks Angie! Yep you are so right about color. A perfect garment in the wrong color is a no-go, but one in a perfect color might be acceptable w/o perfection in other areas.