Love the new glasses! I got mine today too!

Thanks for the compliments on the glasses, y'all!

Tanya, excited to be bag twins! Thank you for posting about these bags, they're gorgeous. I hope it works well for you.

I like your new plan & your new glasses.

Excellent plan, and the glasses look fab! They really do make a difference and lift a person's mood.

I did not contribute but was reading along with interest. Your new plan sounds really appropriate and your new specs look fab.

You are so organized! I agree with the bag first and shoes soon. I think loafers should get careful consideration because besides black ankle boots, they are the most versatile shoe. They go with both dressy and casual outfits, and dresses and skirts of all lengths. You can have your sweater now too! You can get a bunch of colorful cashmere sweaters on eBay. They are size flexible and inexpensive. I have been getting about one a year for about 20 bucks each and now have quite the collection. They wash and wear well and there is nothing like a cashmere turtleneck sweater in the winter. Have fun!