Hi all, a question for you wise fashionistas - how can a person add "feminine" detail to uber-casual style? (caveat - I know the word "feminine" can be a loaded term, but I can't think of a better one for the question - so please excuse the stereotype, or guide me to a better one thx xx)

I am SO uninspired by all my minimal/simple pieces at the moment, but I know, for me, a small tweak is better than a big shift. I'd like to add a couple of casual tops with maybe a bit of soft/feminine detail, without going over-the-top. A few ideas I've had:

  • avoid new crewnecks and consider some more open necklines, like a soft v or scoop, that could showcase a necklace or two nicely
  • it looks like criss-cross/wrap-style tops are still around; could try a tee or sweater in this style?
  • simple casual top with "feminine" trim - perhaps a small ruffle, lace, or something?
Not quite sure where I'm going with this, so hoping you all might get the creative juices flowing - thanks and happy Thursday! xox

ETA - A smattering of finds for inspiration. Maybe "soft" is the word I'm going for? Lots of small drape, soft fabric, and soft lines here? The trick is finding the pieces that are uber-casual ... which some but not all of these are ...