I was home today and it got to a real feel temp of 101 F ... rather than being outside at all, I decided to start grouping capsules within my clothing/shoes and accessories. Admittedly, I was also feeling a little miffed at the weather! (O_0)
I was super surprised to *really* see all the mustard I’ve accumulated since about 2012. It wasn’t even planned until this year. This year I got 7 mustard pieces & the rest are all up to 7 years old. Sorry for pic quality but rather than take pics, I searched online for exact items.
This is a reminder that I shop kind of making capsules subconsciously/intuitively & that I really need no more mustard!
Spicy Or yellow variety.

Having said that, I didn’t have things organized or chronicled concretely. It’s really helpful changing that.

I did the same capsule categorizing with mint/pale aqua, leopard, fuchsia and citron so far, but only posting the mustard for now.
Are you ever surprised to find you’ve accumulated a collection of things without trying?