Interesting that each of your compliments includes several different colors. Reminds me a bit of Anchie's capsules.

Ooh. I am loving the images along with the comments. It helps me to visualize.

Okay, this was brilliant. I went through my Finds and made a bunch of collections -- not just accessory complements but also including clothing items in my key colours. And lo and behold, I discovered that I really don't have enough colour! My red capsule is pretty good but not a real complement since I don't have a red bag or belt (i.e. no accessory other than scarf and shoes -- so adding one might make it work better.)

I would like to add more lilac/ purple/ plum to my closet, whether via clothing or accessory complements doesn't really matter.

I would like to add more berries and deep pinks to my wardrobe -- I hardly have any and it is one of my most flattering tones.

Sheesh! All I have is blue, grey, white, silver!!

OK, finally have a chance to follow up with this lengthy thread!

Aquamarine -- Yeah, the red breton is several years old. Such a perfect true/cool red, I’m glad I snapped it up!

TG -- You know, I’ve never been systematic or intentional about making sure I have certain types of items in certain colours. I really only wear neutral bottoms, so I’d be highly unlikely to add pants or skirts to any of these capsules except the Earth Tones family. I’m not a big bag person at this point, so I don’t collect those in lots of colours, but I can see the appeal of bags-as-accents for sure (hence the little lilac canvas circle bag). With big-ticket items like outerwear, I’m mostly focused on longevity and function, so colour takes a back seat to quality/fit/features. I always like the idea of J Crew’s colourful wool coats (the Lady Day and the Stadium, etc), but have yet to find one in the right colour for me.

Nemosmom -- Between my personality and lifestyle, it is so easy for me to end up in all dark colours. Realizing that I could add lightness through tonal variation was a real breakthrough moment for me.

Gretchen -- My guess is that it’s very user-dependent. There are certain categories (like pants) where I’ll always reach for my neutrals. Even almost-neutrals, like burgundy and plum, feel wrong for pants. I can enjoy colourful pants on others, and not worry about covering that base in my own colour capsules. For me, the core is pretty much just tops, accessories and footwear.

Taylor -- I think you have your palette nailed!

Katerina -- You are SO skillful with colour combinations and creating a balance between colour and neutral in an outfit.

Kathie and Bonnie -- Awesome red complements!

Angie -- You do this so masterfully, it’s really an inspiration.

Vix -- Those berry-red shades are smashing on you!!

Smittie -- I totally get the appeal of tonal combos. I have a few of these myself. Blush/red/burgundy and mint/sage/olive come to mind. Like you, I find that as long as I’m consistent with my palette I can create lots of nice tonal outfits without much hassle, and it’s mostly a matter of sticking to the shades I really like and avoiding the ones that feel “meh” to me.

Lisap -- Yes, your capsule-dressing posts have been a source of inspiration for me. I remember your black/white/pale blue outfits from (I think) last spring/summer.

Sal -- I think you’re a naturally eclectic dresser! Having a wide variety of patterned pieces allows you to combine lots of different colours and neutrals.

Joy -- My capsules are somewhat seasonal too. I embrace red in colder weather, pastels when the days are longer, and earth tones as the days are getting shorter. There’s a lot of psychology and emotion involved.

SarahD8 -- Envisioning complements as colour families has been really helpful to me because I don’t necessarily want to dress head-to-toe in one matching colour, and I often prefer colours that “echo” each other rather than direct matches. Like you, I have certain colour preferences for tops and others for bottoms. I don’t do belts either and I’m a pragmatist regarding bags. My jewelry is almost all silver. So adding colour is a very intentional process. I have to go out of my way to make it happen. I really had to give myself permission to add fun colours, and in order to do that I had to come up with a system, lol. I may lean a little bit towards “organized” on the “organized emotional” shopping spectrum.

Suntiger -- I think that makes sense. Sometimes there are colours we love, but only in small doses. I actually don’t love wearing swaths of mint, blush, lilac, but am very happy having smaller pieces in those colours.

SF -- I think you have a truly mix-and-match wardrobe! I like the idea of a very small, intentional black complement.

Kate -- Ah, the pickle colour! DS has a couple of tops in that shade (acid olive?) that he really enjoys. He’s the one in our house who bats for Team Sour Brights.

Shevia -- That makes sense to me. I’ve managed to avoid metal complements by having a total aversion to yellow gold and a feeling that rose gold is a bit too trendy. Silver and pewter all the way for me.

Gigi -- Sounds like your capsules really give you a lot of variety and bang for the buck. Good luck finding comfy shoes!

Greyscale -- Love the idea of neon green! My son (5) and my niece (8) would definitely approve. Black plus neon seems to be a big thing with the youth right now. And I'm pretty sure you were part of my inspiration for adding lilac and blush; I don't think Ithey would have occurred to me as accents for black without seeing your WIWs.

Karen13 -- Thinking back to your WIWs, I’m betting you have an emerald/jade and a sky/aqua capsule in the making…

Suz -- So interesting looking at your collections. Your colourful items must be workhorses because I definitely associate you with certain red and berry pieces. I love the idea of amping up the lilac element, but maybe it doesn’t have quite the same punch as the reds when paired with blue/white/silver/grey? It gives you a low contrast accent rather than a high contrast one.

FashIntern -- I think I gravitate toward colour families rather than individual colours because I’m not a matchy-matchy person at heart. I’m more likely to wear a lilac piece and a blush piece together, rather than two lilac pieces.

This has been very interesting. I AM a matchy-matchy person but sometimes I cannot get the exact match so it is more tonal or "gradient". Since I am lazy about my bags I don't swap out that much, so mostly the same tan bag for now, but can match bag and shoes in the case of red and cobalt.
Otherwise, a colour in the print of the top or dress is picked out by the shoes and the earrings. I am sorry I don't have my wardrobe in Finds ( to do so will be lots of work making custom Finds).
I do work hard to get the colour shades the same if I can, which is different to you La Ped.
Sorry might have gone a bit overboard selecting photos below!

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Wow, enviable shoe collection, Jenni!! The way you use colour, I can see why you're able to justify having a large and diverse assortment of footwear. It really works for your style.

The color families makes a lot more sense to me, intuitively, than precise shades.

Suz, have you looked at my finds? They're a berry bonanza.

I have a ton of black accessories -- boots, shoes, bags, belts -- along with black being the backbone of my wardrobe. My other core neutral, that only comes out in spring and summer, is navy, and I've amassed a healthy complement of accessories there as well.

The ones I consider Angie-style complements are the smaller/rarer colours. I have cordovan (loafers and belt); cognac (2 sandals, belt, basket purse); red (several shoes, recent HEWI mini backpack and belt); metallic (pewter shoes, black-and-gold shoes, mixed braided belt); leopard ballet flats and cardi; mint loafers. I will happily use one or two of these as the only accent to a black or black-and-white outfit.

I have slightly larger collections incorporating other clothing items that I think of more as capsules. The original predates YLF; it is all the gold and glitter items I kept handy for the years I sang in a Christmas extravaganza, and now enjoy for festive wear. It includes embellished vests, a duster coat, and those gold paisley pants (oh my, I just realized how very Gentlewoman that is). Then there is the turquoise capsule that comes out for Fake Spring (my late winter) and True Spring.

I'm not sure if red (sweaters and shirts) counts as a capsule because it is so extensive, almost my third neutral. And I don't think Breton stripe tops or pinstripe shirts fit here, because they were Essentials when I did my list last year, and nothing has changed.