…is to keep myself occupied. And preferably, not with shopping
It all started with me digging out one of my oldest sweaters for the kkards’s challenge. I realized it is time to say goodbye to the sweater and looked to check a few other things in the closet. The result - a full on maintenance project. I don’t look to edit but mostly to reassess. I de-pilled some cashmere sweaters, ironed some pants and took a couple of things to alterations. I’m taking pictures to sell my unused things. You might see me posting a few in Style Exchange. I don’t want to donate much but have to make some decisions on what will go where.

Next, I will look at my lounge wear as I tend to keep it past it’s due date.
Also, will try an outfit lab for some outfits to wear to another concert we will be going to later this month.
Do you have strategies to beat the winter blue (aside from flying out for a beach vacation)? Our Aus and NZ friends of course are in the middle of the summer, so probably are not the best bunch to ask