The thing with (my) style shifts is they take a while to implement. (New) garments reflective of the change in direction get added to a closet containing items indicative of what was already going on. I don’t purge items that no longer serve the new direction, but I do try to style them differently until they are used up. With a smallish closet, garment turnover occurs, but evolution is still a nudge, not a seismic shift!

February and March I shopped for S/S - adding 12 new items. The shopping was with a list of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ informed by crunching the numbers from 2020’s ‘counting wears’ exercise and my journal notes on what worked and what didn’t. #1 No more crew necks - or at least make their addition a conscious choice. ‘Yes’ to ‘V’ necks and turtlenecks. #2 no more sleeves that end equal with the bust line/mid upper arm. ‘Yes’ to sleeveless, cap sleeves, or long sleeves. #3 tailored woven fabric preferable to jersey knits. #1 and #2 were a nod to figure flattery, and #3 to physical comfort (3-4 months ‘hot’ summer). I also stuck to a colour palette established earlier this year, as well as a goal to add floral patterns. Then, in April and May I dispatched a handful of 2 yo jersey knit t-shirts that had seen better days. My closet feels ‘fresh’ to me, even though most of what I have to work with isn’t new!

New additions for S/S 2021.

Below are 3 outfits worn this week. #1 and #2 are a mix of old and new items, but reflective of a style shift. #3 is an OBG (oldie but goodie) I’ve worn in 2019 and 2020. There’s always room in my closet for a little summer boho!

Are you approaching your outfits differently this year or do you have a tried and true summertime style? What tweaks might you be making for S/S 2021?

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