…specifically in Richmond-on-Thames and Cambridge, UK. After a week of travel, seeing the sights, and people watching, I’ve made a few observations about the women’s fashion and style I’ve seen.

The biggest takeaway is folks on the street aren’t really into high fashion! I’ve seen very few standout outfits on women, and those I’ve seen are women who have a personal sense of style vs being trend driven or wearing ‘new’.

Working from the bottom up: sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, and stompy combat or biker boots. I’ve seen a smattering of oxfords and loafers - refined and chunky, but absolutely no heels. Zip! Zero!

Pants are every width - from skinny to wide. Almost all are worn cropped above the ankle or at the ‘new full length’ which is an inch or so above the ground and still showcases footwear while covering the sock. The later is a popular length for full leg and fluid fit pants. A smattering of leggings and joggers, but not like in North America. Jeans (light washes) but mostly pants in black fabrics that are fluid and drape. Some pants with cargo pockets.

Skirts are midi, ditsy print, and fluid (mostly on 40 yrs up) and short - like really, mini, short on 20-30 yo. Same for dresses. A uniform of sorts is a short black dress or skirt, black tights, and stompy black footwear.

I’m seeing mostly knits for tops. Jersey t-shirts and sweaters that are slightly oversized and fluid. Not seeing button down shirts. Puffers, puffers, and more puffers, followed by mid thigh coats with rain shedding properties. Some belted, most not. Some traditional/regular fit jean jackets. Some shackets in lighter/oatmeal colours with a plaid. Quite a few oversized bomber jackets, and rounded shoulder silouhette. Although the colleges of Cambridge sell school jackets like those seen in North America, the bomber jackets I’m seeing are more high street/athletic luxe in their fabrication. Not seeing a lot of leather. Maybe it doesn’t work with the rain?

Scarves worn in a euro knot. Long hair worn naturally and down, or a messy high bun. I’m just not seeing straightened/ironed styles or styles that look precision curled. 20-30 yo women with some face framing layers. 40 and up shoulder or slightly longer bobs, above shoulder French bobs (with bangs), a shaved or close cut asymmetric style with a very high back, over the ears side(s), and long, chin length, face framing bits. It reminds me of the ‘Karen’ style, except with no volume. Maybe closer to the Sassoon 5 point cut? Also, a symmetrical Beatelesque bowl cut.

I haven’t seen any ‘it’ bags, but rectangle, or square fabric bags with cloth handles with store logos, or other images are everywhere. I believe the UK has gone plastic free, so people carry their own cloth bags when shopping.

Not a lot of colour. Black abounds. Some brown, olive, merlot. A bit of rust/orange, and yellow. A smattering of monochromatic coastal oatmeal outfits. The only concession to spring seems to be pale, baby blue denim.

I’ll try to add some photos later. Off to catch a bus!