I am trying to come up with a name I can use consistently to identify a colour that is a bookend for my hair, which is a sandy or strawberry blonde (mix of red and lots of white ). So far I have 3 garments in this colour (see Finds) and I am hoping to augment this capsule with a V neck sweater, and possibly a cloth/wool winter coat.

LLBean calls the utility jacket ‘Dune Brown’
Jones New York calls the trucker jacket ‘light Chocolate Brown’
Uniqlo calls the puffer ‘Beige’
Leopard mesh top background is a perfect version of the colour

I’ve been using tan, camel, and golden beige interchangeably to describe the colour, but obviously the marketers don’t see it in the same light. For the sake of consistency and (reasonably) clear communication I’d like to settle on one colour name.

Any ideas?